OK Go, Music Videos

Fueling delight-filled futures.

As famous for their music videos as they are for their music, OK Go creates music that hooks the world and the world’s imagination. Whether they’re driving a car as an instrument, setting beats to a Rube Goldberg machine, defying gravity to sing in weightlessness, or choreographing an entire song in a nanosecond, the four-man band manages to find and play with ideas that are right at the edge of the possible and the impossible. According to Damian Kulash, Andy Ross, Tim Nordwind and Dan Konopka, “We are motivated by the hunt for magic. Our work is guided by a sense of feeling wowed or amazed by new ideas that emerge from the act of working, that come from the places we least expect.” As they dip their toes into the impossible, they invite us to look at what’s in front of us a little differently and think sideways a little more, in order to push the boundaries a little further for us all.

OK Go is fantastically refreshing at a time when our sense of reality is increasingly distorted by CGI, virtual reality, social media and reality TV. Entertainment consumes our lives to a point where we almost feel naked without our public persona. As a result, we’re becoming numb to the wonder and the possibility in being real with ourselves and each other. Lead singer, Damian Kulash says, “Our music is meant to be relatable and remind people of all that crazy in your soul when you are 14. We want you to feel the shredding or showering of soul in the way we play the guitar. We don’t want our work to be perfect, we want it to be real.” In their do-it-yourself ethos, OK Go naturally magnetizes people into the moment, where they produce a child-like sense of delight and joy and allow us to experience it together, right alongside the band.