BlankSpace & National Building Museum, Fairy Tales 2017

Step into alternate worlds with this year’s Fairy Tale architecture prize winners

Via Blank Space

It only takes a skim through daily news headlines to feel as if we’ve already stumbled into a new reality. Yet as this year’s Fairy Tale winners transport us into a world of architectural make-believe, it feels oddly comforting and deeply reassuring to see the power of our imagination. Hosted at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC, Blankspace’s annual Fairy Tales competition highlights inspiring work and alternate worlds that make us think about where we want to – or don’t want to head – in our built environment and collective future.

Whittled down from over 2,000 entries from 60 countries, the winners concocted deeply personal tales that exemplify the narrative power of architecture. They remind us that buildings are not only pretty objects but also spaces with the potential to deeply move people. And they demonstrate the potency of an architect’s ability to make the built environment compelling and relatable. vision to help us move to a better reality. As curator at the National Building Museum stated, “This competition shows how architects not only build buildings but can also build worlds.“ Click here to meet the winners and the narratives that accompany their visions.

Photo Credits: Blank Space