A/D/O, Utopia vs Dystopia

A/D/O hosts talk on whether design will tip the scales toward a utopian or dystopian future

Via Dezeen

Brooklyn's A/D/O design venue is hosting a three-day festival of talks, films and experiences later this month, and Dezeen readers can get 15 per cent off the price of tickets.

The Utopia vs Dystopia festival will explore the role of design in a changing world, examining scientific advances such as robotics, artificial intelligence, automation and new production technologies.

A programme of conversations with some of the world's most recognised figures will be taking place across the course of the festival.

Critic Alice Rawsthorn, designer Yves Béhar, architecture collective Assemble and Dezeen's editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs each host talks in which they question whether design will "tip the scales" towards a utopian or dystopian future.

John Maeda, head of computational design and inclusion at Automattic; New York designer Stephen Burks; and Rory Hyde, curator of contemporary architecture and urbanism at London's V&A, will also present keynote speeches.

"Each and every social and technological innovation inspires potential, whether revolutionary or evolutionary," said the event organiser. "We focus critically on the role of design, in not only helping formulate those choices, but also shaping the principles in which we view them."

"Through the lens of design, we ask what ethos to embrace in view of these changes, what language to use and how and what to adopt. What is the role of people in our techno-fuelled future? How can design accommodate our limitations and preserve our virtues? Will we know utopia when we see it?"

The event marks the first season of A/D/O's Design Academy, which offers a range of programming to professional designers to "provoke and invigorate" their creative practice. The academy explores a new theme every four months.

A/D/O is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and is set inside an old warehouse that was transformed by New York studio nArchitects, with funding from car brand MINI.

It encompasses 23,000 square feet (915 square metres) of space for designers and the public to congregate and share ideas.

"Our aim is to be a catalyst for new and relevant work," said A/D/O managing director Nathan Pinsley. "Meaningful design requires exchange and stimulation and we've built a place entirely for that purpose."

Visit the A/D/O website for more information and programming updates.

Photo Credit: A/D/O; Dezeen