Hirsch and Mann, Playable City Award

Stop, Smile, Stroll creates serendipitous moments with strangers on city streets

Via Watershed

What if you shared a serendipitous moment with strangers on the street? The design and technology consultancy Hirsch & Mann submitted the winning entry for Watershed’s annual Playable City Award. Their proposal Stop, Smile, Stroll offers a playful intervention on city pedestrian crossings that brings strangers together in a serendipitous shared moment.

According to Watershed, Stop, Smile, Stroll won for its imaginative use of smart city data and a design that breathes new life into the mundane routine of daily commutes and city pedestrian life. In an act of co-creation, pedestrians can strike up a 30 second dance party or build a quiet moment of silence and reflection by manipulating the personalized timing of traffic lights.

This award winning design takes advantage of new smart city traffic and congestion data technology. It also offers a counter experience to the annoyances of increased roadworks and infrastructure rehabilitation on city streets. The beauty of this idea is its universality. It taps into an experience felt the world over, bringing a little joy and a smile to peoples’ faces as they wait for the light to change.

As Daniel Hirschmann, Founder and CEO of Hirsch & Mann states, “To do this in the city - on a canvas that is 100% publicly accessible - is such an incredible opportunity… Our hope is to leave a lasting impression on all the people that experience a moment of magic when they pass by.”

Hirsch & Mann is a design and technology consultancy exploring the future by making physical technology and putting it into the world to gain impact.

Photo Credit: Hirsch & Mann